And 4 Actions We Hope to See in 2021

Several years ago, a light switch flipped on for someone to make the workforce diversity data of their organization publicly available. These reports were intended as a means of transparency about demographic disparities and a measure of accountability for organizations aiming to increase diversity in their workforces. Big Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and their ilk, took to this idea of demographic transparency, too. …

Illustration by Laura Walks

Black and Brown people have been fighting for equity in the United States for centuries. Despite the many strides that have been made for equality in the last five decades, one thing remains unequivocal: we have quite a ways to go when it comes to achieving equity. To clarify: though similar, the term “equality” is about equal access, while “equity” is about equal outcomes. The sad reality is that racist social hierarchies still hold a vice grip on the way this country operates — from government to law enforcement to the private sector.

No event has made this more evident…

Photo by Christina Christina Morillo / Unsplash

This past October, Tech Can [Do] Better joined forces with General Assembly Austin to present a dynamic panel discussion — Dear White Women: How to Be an Ally — for white women in tech who consider themselves allies to their Black and Brown colleagues. The panel featured women from varying cultural and professional backgrounds, each dedicated to fostering safe and inclusive workplaces and communities. This all-star line-up included: Fallon Blossom, content manager at Cloudflare; Rachael Bosch, founder and managing director of Fringe Professional Development; Angelica Erazo, senior diversity and inclusion consultant at Oracle; Mindy Gulati, founder and CEO of Fundamental…

Tech Can [Do] Better

We're mobilizing tech employees to advocate systemic policy change for racial equity in the industry.

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